Susumu Yui

Susumu Yui (Central Japan)

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1949
, Yui entered the industry at the age of 18 because a relative was in the same line of work.
He has inherited the traditional Japanese technique of "Fukomono-shidashi," which is backed by history.
He also devotes himself to teaching and training young craftsmen in order to pass on his skills.
Passed the 1st class examination for the technical certification of bags, handbags, and accessories in 2011 in the accessories category. (Sponsored by Japan Leather Industry Association/Japan Bag and Handbag Association)
・Winning of MFU Meister "Technical Heritage" in 2012
(Japan Men's Fashion Association)
・Accredited as JAPAN LEATHER GOODS MEISTER in the small articles category in 2028.
(Japan Leather Goods Meister, Japan Leather Industry Association)

Hidehiro Fujimoto (left)

Born in 1980, Hidehiro Fujimoto graduated from the Product Design Department of Tokyo Designer Gakuin and joined the company in 2001.

Natsumi Shinozuka (right)

Born in 1990, Natsumi joined the company in 2012 after graduating from Bunka Fashion College with a degree in bag design.